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Legion 2007 Scenarios

There will be 3 scenarios plus the traditional encounter game. The same 500 point army will be used for each scenario, although not all the army may be on table depending on which scenario being played and whether the role of attacker or defender is being undertaken. It will therefore be necessary for the army list to be presented as normal. The intention is that army design should be based on maximising the potential of the army for the 3 scenarios, plus the head to head encounter game.

The scenarios with their victory conditions are attached so that they can be taken into account when designing the army. The scenarios will be played in the following order: Mountain Pass first, Convoy second, Siege third and finally the encounter game.

11/02/07 This page has been updated to Version 1.2 of the scenarios.

1/3/07 Version 3 of the Convoy scenario and a revised introduction posted. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER CHANGES TO THE SCENARIOS.

    Introduction to Legion 2007
    Scenario One Mountain Pass
    Scenario Two - Convoy
    Scenario Three - Siege
    All files (zipped)

Please note that these downloads may require you to have a compatible application to open and view their contents.


[Scenarios] [Results]

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